5 Steps to Cultivate Self-Care at Home Daily


As autumn falls upon us, days shorten and the chill in the air has Mother Nature suggesting usΒ to retreat indoors for warm drinks, sweaters, and all the cozy comforting vibes.

Time slows down havingΒ us to sit with our thoughts a little longer. Self care is ever more important and the need to create a daily self-care routine is ever more present.

Modern life doesn’t follow nature’s rhythm. There are still deadlines to meet, children to run around, and supper to be made; therefore, prioritizingΒ time out daily to be still seems like a monumental task. Yet it’s essential to prevent burnout and falling into depression from lack of motivation.

The way I see the home environment, is as an ally. When running smoothly in tandem with life, there is an ease – a flow – that provides an effortless sense of gliding from one activity to another. In contrast, your home may be overwhelming with dishes and laundry piling up, making you feel stuck and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities (as if you are operating against the current).

By incorporating some small steps (aka practical magic) into your day, the pressure can be removed. You will be setup for success and better yet thrive with all the demands on your plate.

STEP ONE: Know yourself.

What sparks you up?

To some attending a yin yoga class can balance the chaotic day, and for others a cycling class can help shed any excess stress. The important take-away from this point, is to know what you need to help balance life and give you the space to grow individually.

Rank the following activities in order of preference.

  • Meditation
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading a book
  • Listening to live music
  • Dance class
  • Painting workshop
  • Yoga class
  • Improve class

STEP TWO: Create the space.

Does your home reflect your self-care activity?

Homes reflect what is most important to us; therefore, setup an area to perform your self-care activity. Whether it be a reading nook, an area with a cushion to meditate, or a home gym ensure that it is place in an obvious location. A place you pass frequently, easy to access, view, and will use. This most certainly could mean converting the spare bedroom that gets used once a year or even once a month into a home gym.

STEP THREE: Declutter your life.

What current activity can be ditched?

There is 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, that will not change. With already a full load to your schedule it may seem like too much to fit in one more activity. That’s because it is!

Remove an item (heck even 2-3) on your to-do list. If it must get done, think about how you can outsource and ask for help.

Adding in your daily self-care activity is one that will yield more energy, clarity, and focus to accomplish the others on your list. Think high-quality/ value-based management of your time.

STEP FOUR: Schedule it in.

When is it best to fulfill your self-care activity?

Morning, during the day, or in the evening once the kids are asleep, it’s important to schedule in your self-care activity. Write out, if necessary, what your current schedule is and add in your time. Highlight it! It doesn’t have to be long, any time spent on this is a WIN. Even spending 5 minutes per day could snowball into 30 minutes in the future.

STEP FIVE: Plan for it.

This is the final and my favorite step. This is when the self-care activity goes from conception into actualization. Plan ahead, evening before or morning of, the space for later use. When you do this, it mentally and physically puts your focus on achieving this priority to get accomplished.

When put into practice, these 5 steps have the potential and practical magic to embrace the Fall season. You can embrace Mother Nature’s calling to slow down, nourish your roots, your needs, and to fill up your cup.

Here’s to making yourself a priority and thriving this season of the year!





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