Jess Neary

Hello! It’s Jess, your friendly Feng Shui sidekick in creating a divinely inspired life. I’m a mamm-a to 3 gorgeously busy kiddos and wife to my incredible husband.

In 2011, I left my corporate career and took a leap. The leap, albeit a decision that was long-time coming, was monumental! Being raised in a small community, in a rather small Canadian province, finding a permanent solid position in a stable workplace was like striking gold. Yet, for me it still wasn’t enough. My spirit required a new landscape to thrive.

Re-directing the path that I was on meant going back to school. Following my joy and passion with Interior Design I earned my Interior Design Diploma and Certification in Feng Shui. On the personal side of things, I had married my soulmate and begun creating our family.

Β I have big dreams and so do you!!

I am now mamm-a to 40+ plant babies along side my 2 daughters and 1 son,

our kitty and 8 laying hens. Our home is turning into a forest, which provides myself with a sanctuary aligned with my own personal needs of connection, love, nourishment, and abundance. Becoming a mother has opened my world to new realities, one of which is recognized our incredible strength and power in creating a life of true fulfillment.

From this new head-space, I opened up my own consulting business where I have helped manyΒ businesses and homeowners alike, create spaces that nurture their own dreams which have created massive shifts in welcoming abundance, wealth, success, love, and joy into their life.

Throughout my own personal journey I have realized this: we are born into a world full of infinite possibilities. By making shifts in our space, we shift the landscape opening up to the unconditional support we innately possess in creating a life that brings fulfillment to the mind, body and spirit.