Feng Shui for the Spring Equinox : 5 Ways to Make the Most of this New Energy in Your Home Today

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Tomorrow, Wednesday March 20th 2019, there will be a skip in everyone’s step as we celebrate the first day of Spring! Over the next few months we get to harness the fresh Spring energy!!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, The 5 Elemental Theory relays the interconnected nature between the seasons and our self. Spring, being a wood element, actually correlates with our livers. The detoxification organ. Similarly, you will notice how others and yourself literally detox our homes.

This is the time to de-clutter our home & office.

Yard sale season is coming and our homes begin to take on a freshness that provides oodles of growth potential. Just like the flowers that begin popping their heads out of the ground, we begin to blossom into action from ideas planted in the Winter months.

It’s important to note that too much of anything can throw anyone off balance! With the wood element, adding too much wood into the fire (doing too much) can literally burn you out; therefore, it is important to make self-care a priority no matter how tempting it can be to keep pushing ourselves.

Speaking as a wood element person, (Yes! It does relate to our personal nature as well), I had struggled year after year to get ahead by thinking that success had to be forced. Once I began “scheduling in” me time, a flow began to guide my actions while created sustainable success.

Go With the Flow…

Now, I’m sure that you’ve heard this phrase before! Make sense? Yes! Easy? Not always in the beginning.

We naturally feel our best when we go with the flow. You may not even notice it!

As Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water, ideally our home and office harnesses this energy which promotes a fluidity in life.

Have you ever felt a stuffy, heaviness, upon entering a friend or family members home? How about when you walk into a child’s bedroom in the morning while they have a cold?

It doesn’t “feel” good. It doesn’t feel free-flowing. There is no fresh air and, other than thinking that you need to open the windows, there’s no spark of inspiration or creativity going to happen while in this space.

The same can be said for a cluttered home. It’s draining. It’s overwhelming, and most of this time we just want to stay out of the house.

5 Ways to Harness Spring’s Energy

1) Open all the windows!

Even if it’s a cold day, commit to opening them for minimum of 10 minutes to circulate fresh air in your space.

2) Remove 1 to 5 items from each space!

The items do not need to be large. Celebrate those 5 pens you removed from the “junk drawer”!! Physically removing these items will actually create the momentum to remove the larger stuff.

3) Deep clean the floors in your home!

This seems obvious, but in the busy culture we live in these we don’t always create the time to do the thorough clean we need. If you are finding that your self-care time is getting eaten into, look outside the home for help. There are lots of local house cleaners that can do this for you.

Go ahead spoil yourself! 😉

If you are doing this yourself, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the washing solution and spread the scent around your entire home as you mop. Blast your favorite tunes, or some spa music and create your own home oasis as you float effortlessly throughout your entire space.

4) Clean all the textiles!

Window curtains, shower curtains, pillow cases, bed skirts, rugs and mats, we are going above and beyond our regular cleaning routine in Spring. Wash them, hang them outside to dry, and bring them back in 🙂

5) Plant a Seed!

This is a fun one. As the days get longer, we are moving from planning into taking action on these ideas and goals developed in the Winter months.

This piece can be taken literally or figuratively… At our home we are getting ready to begin our seedlings to be planted in the garden in the coming months, when we get to cultivate nutritious food for our family and friend’s to enjoy.

In the same token, Spring is the time to begin taking action on our hopes and dreams! For today, think of one small step that you can take to put your ideas into motion. Tomorrow, think of the next step… then another… Soon enough this idea will be fully developed and provide yourself similar nourishment that a garden will!!

In summary, the Spring Equinox has a fresh, new energy that is invigorating!

When we align our actions with that of mother nature, we find the beauty in our surroundings and invite abundance into our life.

To learn more about how to maximize the potential in your home or office, with a Feng Shui consultation, contact myself today and receive a 30 minute FREE consultation.



“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true” – Richard Bach

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