Journeying From a Home’s Perspective

“Everything around you is a reflection of your inner being. The visible realities surrounding you are symbols of your invisible world. In every moment of your life you are walking in a “forest of symbols” which are constantly reflecting your personal reality.”

­ Denise Linn, Sacred Space

My healing journey began many years ago; however, the moment I came to a cross-roads in my life was when I was 25 years old. I was working in an office setting in a comfortable position when a co-worker died in a car accident on his way home from a shift. Although, I had never met this other 25 year old, his death jolted the reality that this life is short and that at any moment it could end.

I was living with my boyfriend in an apartment located across town that was filled with items that had no meaning. 

From this, I began asking myself some deep questions:

How did I truly want my life to be?

Where did I want to spend my energy?

And, what will my legacy be?

This event created a chain reaction of experiences to what I now call, my healing journey. A journey that put me in uncomfortable situations where I needed to learn how to create my life, rather than have my life create me.

My relationship had ended with my then fiance, I moved into a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center and had sold virtually everything I owned. I felt free and ready to explore.

From the recommendation of my mother, I enrolled in a local meditation program that introduced participants up to 18 different meditation styles in the 6 weeks we were all together. This was a life transformational experience that I am absolutely grateful for!

I met so many new friends that continue to provide support for the growth I experience. The Universe began orchestrating a new path that would encompass all the elements in my life that I cherished.

My new partner at the time (now husband) and I would frequently joke calling me, “the new Jess”. I moved again to a studio apartment where I literally housed the essentials and my cat, Marley.

From then, 5 years ago, I have had a series of soulful experiences with different healing modalities to further my own journey. Removing layers upon layers, I began to notice that my home evolved with me every step of the way and continues to do so to this day.

We are currently in a decluttering phase within our family of 4. We have an 1,100 sq ft home that is much more minimalist aesthetically but provides an incredible amount of functionality in our lives. 

It was not until the end of my Reiki Degree I program that I realized the direct correlation that our homes have on our well-being. Similar to a retreat, our homes provide security, safety, foundation, and grounding energy to further our path in life.

A home literally will showcase where we are “stuck”. By bringing our attention to our home, we are able to deconstruct our reality and take steps on our journey. Steps that feel right. Steps that align with our purpose in this lifetime.

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