About Jess

peace love + happiness

Peace, in the mind

Love, in the heart

Happiness, in the soul

I grew up in a charming village in The Maritimes, Hampton New Brunswick. My favorite memories are always outside in nature, whether it was picking strawberries with my mother and brother at the local U-Pick , camping, jumping + shattering pockets of ice in the winter, driving ATVs, going for hikes, swimming in the lake, etc.

After graduating from Hampton High School, I decided to study business at the local university and later furthered my studies with Interior Design.

While studying and obtaining my Interior Design Diploma, I was also studying and practicing various Energy Healing modalities. Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Qi Gong were practices that provided so much lightness on my journey which put me into alignment with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the perfect combination of: energy healing + practical application.

Feng Shui has welcomed more peace, love and happiness into my own life and it is an honor to help others do the same.

Throughout various chapters of my own life, I have witnessed many coincidences, a-HAs, epiphanies and magical moments. The common link between each manifestation has been incredibly simple + profound:

  1. getting clear on what is in alignment with myself, and
  2. taking aligned, conscious + intentional action

I have manifested my husband, my twin flame.

I have manifested each of my 3 healthy + happy children.

I have manifested my dream career as a Global Feng Shui Consultant.

I have manifested healthy positive friendships.

I have manifested financial wealth + abundance.

… and I continue to further our family’s growth + success, with Feng Shui.

I am incredibly grateful for you being here. Thank you for listening to a bit of my story. I look forward to working alongside yourself to create a home + life that is aligned to what you are attracting.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), major in Human Resources from the University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Interior Design Diploma, from the Interior Design Institute

Feng Shui Certification, from the Earth Home School of Interior Design

Reiki Degree 1, from Reiki Set Go

Spiritual Alignment Connection Certification (SAC), from Enerqi